Certified Guide and Membership Benefits

Maintaining your guide certification with the Interpretive Guides Association by paying yearly professional dues comes with some great benefits!

If you are not a certified IGA guide, you can still be a member and get great benefits as well.

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Interpretive Guides Association Certified Guide and Membership Benefits:

  • You are part of a vibrant association devoted to promoting excellence and professionalism in interpretation around the world.
  • You are offered discounted rates to attend professional development sessions and courses, plus offered discounts on IGA products (e.g. course manuals, interpretive props, clothing, etc.)
  • You have access to the certified guide and member resource pages of the website. This section of the website contains important and helpful resources for interpreters, educators and guides.
  • You will receive regular email updates that include info on upcoming courses and professional development events, notices of job opportunities, news for guides, and other guide and member resources.
  • You have representation at important interpretation and guide related meetings, workshops and conferences.
  • Your yearly professional dues or membership fees contribute to the ongoing development and success of your association, which is attached to your certification and training.
  • Discounts for certified guides and members are provided at some local businesses (visit your user profile to find out which ones are currently offering services).
  • Group Insurance Plans
  • Discounts on select guidebooks at Alpine Book Peddlers
  • Discount on first aid courses at Rocky Mountain Adventure Medicine

Additional Benefits for Certified Guides:

  • Certification allows you to maintain a professional standard in your chosen industry and be seen as a professional in your field. This is important as tourism standards continue to improve and clients search out highly trained, quality services.
  • Your professional dues keep your certification active and in good standing so you don't have to re-certify or re-take courses regularly.
  • We have set up pro-deals for our certified guides in good standing with some great outdoor companies.

Additional benefits of corporate membership with the Interpretive Guides Association:

  • Your corporate fee includes the company name on our website and two coupons for professional dues to give to your guiding staff.
  • Free job advertising of relevant interpretive guiding positions, in our newsletters.
  • Free event advertising in our newsletter and social media pages where relevant and seen as a benefit to members.
  • You will have use of the Interpretive Guides Association Logo for your website and print materials. (note: to use the logo, you must have at least 2/3 of your programming offered by Professional Interpreters or above. The remainder can be offered by Apprentice Interpreters)
  • Your company will get a link on the Interpretive Guides Association website (note: If your company hires Professional Interpreters to deliver at least 2/3 of its programs you will be listed on our “Hire a Guide Page.” If your company hires primarily individuals at the Apprentice or Basic level or is simply interested in supporting the Association and its goals, it will be listed on our “Sponsors and Links” page).
  • All of the membership and certified guide benefits listed above.
  • You have representation at important Parks Canada meetings, business meetings and national interpretation meetings and workshops.

Have a suggestion for other benefits you would like to be included as an individual or corporate member? Contact Tracey Gage at executive director@interpretiveguides.org

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