Reinstate your Membership

If you have let your membership lapse, you may apply for it to be reinstated.

Non-member for less than 3 years

  1. Pay yearly membership fees

  2. Enter 10 hours of Continuing professional development hours to your member profile, through the members section of the website.

Non-member for more than 3 years and less than 5 years:

1. Send in a request to reinstate your membership to with the following information:

a) A resume for the time you were not a member, with the following:

  • All guiding/educational/interpretive related training and certifications you completed.
  • A description of the work you completed during this time.
  • Any volunteer work you completed in interpretation/education/guiding

Please note that all volunteer and paid interpretation/education/guiding work or training can be from any location in the world.

b) A copy of a valid first aid certificate if you held a hiking accreditation.

2. AI or PI guides must: complete and pass the tests for the level of certification you have with 70% or higher. All tests are subject to a $65 plus gst test fee per exam.

3. Hiking guides must re-take day one of the GM course (Cost = 50% of current courses fees).

4. Pay the yearly membership dues.

5. Submit 20 hours of professional development that you have completed in the past year. All hours must be entered into your account profile on line.

Non-member for more than 5 years:

After 5 or more years, members will be required to retake and pass each course.