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Call for Board Members for the Interpretive Guides Association

The IGA is seeking to fill 2 positions for their Board of Directors (BOD) at their next AGM on Friday, May 1, 2020. 

Interested applicants should contact Tracey Gage at with resume and cover letter outlining your interest by April 15 at 5:00 pm. You must demonstrate how you meet/succeed these requirements as well as your availability. Please consider any other commitments you have that may make attending meetings and working on committees difficult for you. 

Please make sure to supply at least 2 references that can speak to your experience, background and commitment. If you have been on a board in the past or worked with a board, please make sure to outline this and supply a letter of reference from them. 

All applications will be processed for eligibility by the Interpretive Guides Association eligibility committee prior to our AGM and if a vote is required the vote will take place during the AGM.

Requirements for BOD positions for IGA:

Eligible and Successful Candidates Must:

  • Be a voting member of the IGA in good standing (Bylaw 3.0.1)
  • Be willing to govern the affairs of the Society in cooperation with fellow BOD (Bylaw 5.0)
  • Be willing to operate as a volunteer and thus unpaid with exceptions of reasonable expenses (Bylaw 5.2)
  • Be willing to and available to meet with BOD and staff a minimum of (but not limited to) 5 times per year (Bylaw 5.13.1)
  • Be willing to adhere to and accept the duties of the BOD ((Bylaw 6.0.1)
  • Be willing to be part of committees as determined by the BOD (Bylaw 6.1)
  • Abide by the IGA Code of Ethics and Conduct
  • Be willing to familiarize themselves with the bylaws of the society

Eligible and Successful Candidates Should:

  • Expect to assist in supporting and promoting the IGA including (but not limited to) events, meetings with supporting organizations, assisting and supporting the Executive Director in reasonable requests for various tasks 
  • Have some board experience and/or be willing to undertake necessary Board training as identified by BOD 
  • Understand this is a policy only board, all operational duties fall on the ED and her team.
  • Team dynamics are a critical part of this board so you must be comfortable working in a team environment and interested in relationship development and communications.
  • Have a good understanding in outdoor recreation, education and interpretive guiding industry.
  • Have experience in one or more of the following areas: education, the guiding industry, interpretation, safety, human resources, marketing, tourism, business development, partnership development, finances, bookkeeping, negotiations, event planning, communications, minute taking, not for profit organizations, etc.
  • Make themselves available when possible, for situations arising which result in the requirement of an extra or emergency board meeting.
  • All positions require a minimum 2 year commitment and 4-6 years are ideal.