IGA Memberships and Fees

In order to remain an accredited guide in good standing with the Interpretive Guides Association (IGA), and keep your name on the IGA list of accredited guides, you must pay a yearly fee.

Interpretive Guides and Hiking Guides

In the case of Apprentice Interpreters, Apprentice Hiking Guides, Professional Interpreters and Master Interpreters, you must purchase a yearly membership (2018 rates: Individual – $72.00, Corporate – $185.00).

Basic Knowledge Guides

For people who wish to stay accredited at the Basic Knowledge level, you must pay a yearly administrative fee (2017 rate: $22.95)

Corporate Fees for Basic Knowledge Guides

Businesses that hire a number of guides at the Basic Knowledge level, may choose to to pay one of our corporate rates:

  • $135 for 10 staff ($13.50 per guide)
  • $180 for 15 staff ($12.00 per guide)
  • $220 for 20 staff ($11.00 per guide)
  • $11.00 per guide for more than 20

Staff names and email addresses must to be supplied along with full payment (cheque, cash, or e-transfer) As you add staff through the season, you may send the additional names. These will be added to your purchased number up to the maximum number listed. For example: If you begin the season with 7 guides and pay the $135 rate, you may add an additional 3 guides at no extra charge. To facilitate your accounting, we will send you an invoice by email. Payment may be made by credit card over the phone, cash, cheque, or e-mail money transfer.

Note: The administrative fee is only for guides who have taken and passed the Basic Knowledge course in a previous year. Please keep a copy of your receipt as record of the original transaction (the payment and number of staff initially enrolled).