IGA Professional Dues

Professional Dues for Interpretive Guides and Hiking Guides

The IGA is here to support the interpretive guiding community as a whole. Your professional dues ensure the organization is able to continue to support this community and do the work required to ensure interpretive guides are well represented in Canada and around the world.

There are other benefits that the IGA offers to its certified guides, like professional development opportunities, community events, pro-deals, job listings, our newsletter, and representation at conferences and outdoor leadership meetings around the world. Click here to learn more

In order for you to retain your certification with the IGA and keep your account in good standing, you are required to pay annual professional dues. We have worked hard over the years to keep these dues as low as possible while continuing to offer members many valuable benefits.

If you are certified as an Apprentice Interpreter, Interpretive Specialist, Professional Interpreter, or as an Interpretive Hiking Guide and want to maintain that certification, you are required to pay annual professional dues to keep your certification in good standing.

The IGA's professional dues will remain at our 2022 rate of $89 for 2024.

When you pay your professional dues you extend your membership with the IGA by 1 year, which is your ticket to great pro deals, professional development opportunities and so much more.

If you are out of work and wish to defer your professional dues, or if you are taking some time away from the profession, there are other options available. See the reinstating your certification page to find out more.

All professional dues and administration fees are non-refundable. 

Professional Dues