Basic Knowledge Course Yearly Administration Fee

Individual Fees for Basic Knowledge Guides

If you hold a Basic Knowledge certification and want to keep it, you are required to pay a yearly administration fee (2020 rate: $26.95).

Corporate Fees for Basic Knowledge Guides

Businesses that hire a number of guides at the Basic Knowledge level, may choose to to pay one of our corporate rates:

  • $160 for 10 staff ($16.00 per guide)
  • $225.00 for 15 staff ($15.00 per guide)
  • $280 for 20 staff ($14.00 per guide)
  • $12.00 per guide for more than 20

Contact us for more details and to pay.

Note: The administrative fee is only for guides who have Basic Knowledge certification with us. Individuals who choose not to pay the yearly administration fee may have their certification revoked and their profile removed from the IGA database.

If you require the basic knowledge certification to work as a guide and you are no longer in our system you will have to retake the course.

Basic administration fees that have lapsed for three or more years will be removed from the database. The IGA has no way of knowing if a guide has remained active in their perspective field if this fee is not paid.

Please note that while you do not need to be a member to maintain the basic admin fee, you must first create an account on this website to complete the process. Please log in below, or create an account to pay your basic admin fee online.

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