Basic Knowledge Course Yearly Administration Fee

Individual Fees for Basic Knowledge Guides

If you've taken one of the IGA's Basic Knowledge courses and want to keep your certificate active there is a fee to pay each year that will allow you to do this. We call this the Basic Administration Fee and the rate for 2024 has been kept at our 2022 rate of $34.99.

Why should you pay this fee?

  • It gives you a personal account on the IGA website where you can have access to your certificate each time you need or want to download it.
  • it keeps you in our system so we know you are interested in being part of our community.
  • It exempts you from having to retake the course when you need to present the certificate to someone or for something (no re-certifying required).
  • Being an active part of the IGA community gives you access to our staff team for guidance or support you may require related to your certificate.
  • The IGA works on behalf of all individuals who are active within our community, representing you and the guiding profession at important provincial, federal and community meetings.

Paying the administration fee and keeping your certificate in good standing is important and we encourage all individuals who have a basic knowledge certificate to pay this yearly fee, but we understand this isn't always possible. For those who can't keep it up to date every year, we have put in a holding system in place. Read below to learn more.

  • If you don't need access to your account, our services and your certificate, feel free to defer the admin fee for up to 2 years. After that 2 years, you can renew your basic knowledge certificate by simply paying the administration fee.
  • If you defer the admin fee for between 2 and 3 years, you can renew your basic knowledge certificate by paying the administration fee, along with a $10 late fee.
  • If you defer the admin fee for 3 or more years, your certificate will be null and void and you will need to re-take and pass the course. If you fall in this category, we are happy to offer you a 20% discount off the course cost, please get in touch with for a discount code that can be used when registering for the online basic knowledge course.

Did you know that the IGA yearly professional dues fees include many great perks? The yearly professional dues are higher than the basic administration fee and are not required by those who hold a basic knowledge certificate but you may find the fee associated with it more beneficial to you. If you are interested in gaining access to pro-deals with some great outdoor gear companies, and professional development programs at reduced costs check out the professional dues page for more details. IGA Professional Dues Benefits

Corporate Fees for Basic Knowledge Guides

Businesses that hire a number of guides at the Basic Knowledge level, may choose to to pay one of our corporate rates:

  • $220 – up to 10 staff ($22.00 per staff)
  • $300 – up to 15 staff ($20.00 per staff)
  • $350 – up to 20 staff ($18.00 per staff)
  • $14.00 per guide for more than 20

Contact us for more details.

*All staff names and email addresses need to be supplied to the IGA as well as payment by cheque or e-transfer (credit card payments are subject to a 5% administration fee).


Note: The online Basic Knowledge courses cover the first year of your administrative fees. The yearly administrative fee is only for guides who have Basic Knowledge certificates with the IGA, that are also not members of the IGA. Individuals who choose not to pay the yearly administration fee will have their certificate revoked after 3 years and may have their profile removed from the IGA database.

If you require a basic knowledge certificate to work as a guide and are no longer in our system, you will have to retake and pass the online course. Please get in touch with for a 20% discount code.

Please note that you do not need to be a member of the IGA to maintain a basic knowledge certificate, but you must first create an account on this website to complete the process. Please log in or create an account to pay your basic admin fee online.

Basic Knowledge Course Yearly Admin Fee