Chat GPT on the Road: Enhancing Your Programs with AI Technology

In the ever-evolving world of travel and tourism, staying ahead of the curve is key to delivering unforgettable experiences. This innovative workshop introduces guides to Chat GPT, a groundbreaking artificial intelligence tool transforming the travel industry.

Why Chat GPT?
Discover the power of Chat GPT, an AI revolutionizing communication and information management. In an era where technology shapes guest experiences, understanding and utilizing Chat GPT is not just an asset; it’s essential. Part of this workshop will delve into the background of Chat GPT, highlighting its importance in the guiding industry in addition to having a workshop component delving into the practical applications of how Micky has used Chat GPT to enhance his tours.

Practical Applications for Tour Directors:

Participants will engage in hands-on examples showcasing how Chat GPT enhances guided experiences:

  • Elevate Commentary: Learn how to use Chat GPT to enrich tour narratives with fascinating facts and stories while saving time doing so.
  • Time-Saving Trivia: Quickly generate engaging trivia to entertain guests during downtime.
  • OCR Functionality: Utilize the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature to create compelling commentary from books and placards.
  • Mental Health Benefits: Explore how Chat GPT can be used to support the your mental health.

Benefits to your Guests

The application of Chat GPT isn’t just about wowing your guests; it’s about tangible benefits:

  • Enhanced Guest Experiences: Provide enriched, personalized experiences that guests will remember, leading to happier guests.
  • Increased Income: Exceptional experiences leading to happier guests will help increase your tip income.
  • Improved Survey Scores: Satisfied guests mean higher ratings, bolstering your reputation and success.

Why Attend?
This session is more than a workshop; it’s a gateway to transforming your programs tours into memorable journeys. Whether you’re looking to save time, enrich your storytelling, or simply stay ahead in the competitive world of tourism, this workshop is your stepping stone to a future where technology and tradition blend seamlessly to create extraordinary travel experiences.

  • Date: February 28, 2024
  • Time: 6:00pm – 8:00pm (Mountain Time)
  • Location: Zoom
  • Instructor: Micky Kandola
  • CPD Hours: 2 hours
  • Price: $15 (members) / $30 (non-members)


About Micky Kandola

From the rugged coastlines of Canada to the bustling streets of the U.S., Micky isn’t just a tour director; he’s a storyteller of places. Since 2015, his journeys have painted vivid tales across bus and rail, and he’s set his sights on soon adding international chapters to his storybook of tours. Celebrated as one of the apex tour directors with his leading tour operator, Micky’s credentials don’t just end with experience; he’s a Certified International Tour Manager, a title he wears with pride.

Micky’s approach to tour directing goes beyond the usual. For him, it’s not just about showing places—it’s about making history dance, landscapes sing, and cultures resonate with every traveler. But how does he ensure every story unfurls seamlessly? Through technology. Micky ventures into the realms of AI, harnessing its power to elevate tours, ensuring every guest departs with memories etched in technicolor, and constantly striving to balance personal care amidst the whirlwind of tours—a continuous journey in its own right.

Yet, Micky’s penchant for innovation isn’t restricted to the open road. Against the scenic backdrop of Vancouver, B.C., he’s been reshaping the real estate narrative for 13 years, weaving technology into property tales just as he does with his tours. Off-duty, you might find him pedaling away on a bike trail, immersing himself in the wisdom of personal development books, or on a perpetual quest to elevate himself, one day at a time.


Refund Policy: Refunds will not be issued for any reason (including illness and injury) if cancelling less than 2 weeks prior to the event date. Full refunds, less an administration fee, are available if requested 3 weeks (or more) prior to the event date. For more information, please consult the IGA refund policy.

  • Course PD Hours: 2


Feb 28 2024


Mountain Time
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm



Course Location

On Zoom
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