Training at DBT for accessibility for the Calgary Airport. However, it applies to us as driver/guides.
The Accessible Transportation for Persons with Disabilities Regulations (ATPDR), mandated by the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA), aims to protect the human rights of persons with disabilities and create a barrier-free transportation network. The ATPDR requires that staff who are required or may interact with the public or participate in decision-making or policy and procedure development must receive training.

This course aims to raise awareness of different types of disabilities, to educate staff on the needs of the travellers with disabilities, and elevate the comfort and confidence level of staff. The objectives of this course are:

To understand disability rights in Canada
Awareness of importance of accessibility and inclusion
Understanding barriers of access
Direction on interacting with people with disabilities, service animals, and support personnel
Best practice approaches in service delivery
Discussion on how to handle situations where solutions are unclear