COVID-19 Communicable Disease Prevention

Overview, Directives and Guidance

Safety of our members, staff, contractors, partners, and volunteers is our top priority, and as such, we will continue to implement policies and procedures as directed by Public Health Authorities and fit them into our operation concerning vaccination and the prevention of viral spread. IGA members have a professional obligation to adhere to provincial health orders and monitor for changes to those orders and understand their legal rights and responsibilities regarding vaccination requirements.

IGA Operations, Administration and Board Policy

From an operational and administrative point of view, the IGA will once again be taking its cues from health experts and government health authorities across Canada. Effective February 10, 2022, the IGA will no longer require proof of immunization, or a government-approved negative test, to participate in all in-person outdoor and indoor programs in Alberta. Effective March 3, 2022, the IGA will no longer require masks, to participate in all in-person outdoor and indoor programs in Alberta. For courses run in other provinces, the IGA will follow the government and health regulations of the province the courses and events are taking place in. We want to emphasize that our exposure to COVID could increase while guiding because we work with people from all over the world. As a result, we recommend that all guides wear a mask when a 2-meter distance cannot be maintained between you and your clients.

Other Covid 19 Policies Being Implemented

Face Covering

We still recommend face-coverings when indoors and when a 2-meter distance between one another outdoors, can’t be maintained, but it will not be imposed. We recommend coming to all IGA sessions with a minimum of two face masks for the day.

Physical Distancing

Physical distancing is encouraged at all times, when possible.


Please make sure to bring hand sanitizer with you to all outdoor programs and courses and wash your hands whenever possible.