Program Overview

Welcome to our training program!

We have two “streams” that most of our training courses and accreditations fall into:

1) Interpretive Guide: course offerings and accreditations include:

  • Apprentice Interpreter certificatation
  • Professional Interpreter certification
  • Master Interpreter Certification

2) Interpretive Hiking Guide: Course offerings and/or accreditations include:

  • Apprentice Hiking Guide
  • Professional Interpretive Hiking Guide

We also offer a general introductory course called the Basic Knowledge Course

All of our courses are offered in English, French, and Japanese; please look under course registrations to find the course that suits you best.

Basic Knowledge Course
The Basic Knowledge Course provides a broad overview of the local natural history, cultural history, park management and a brief introduction to the role and purpose of interpretation. It is great as a staff training tool for van drivers, tourism staff and for activity guides like raft guides, ACMG mountain guides, and scuba guides.

Apprentice Interpreter
The Apprentice Interpreter certificate is designed as a stepping stone to the Professional Interpreter Accreditation. This 2-day course covers natural history of the Rocky Mountain national parks, cultural history of Banff, Jasper, Yoho and Kootenay National Parks, management of Canada’s National Parks and an introduction to effective interpretation skills.  Apprentice Interpreters who successfully complete the 2-day Group Management course are upgraded to the “Apprentice Hiking Guide”  accreditation.

We also have an apprentice course that can be taught in any other region of Canada or the world. The focus of this course is thematic interpretation and the two days are spent learning these techniques and developing your own program.

Professional Interpreter
The Professional Interpreter accreditation formally recognizes the knowledge, experience and interpretive skill of guides working in the mountain parks. Interpreters at this level typically have a minimum of 1200 hrs of experience in the field and many have relevant University or College education. They have also passed the required oral and written exams. Professional Interpreters who successfully complete the 2-day Group Management course are upgraded to the “Professional Interpretive Hiking Guide” accreditation.

Master Interpreter
The Master Interpreter is the highest level of accreditation we offer. Only those with extensive knowledge of local natural and cultural history and whose actions in the field demonstrate masterful application of interpretation skills are considered for this level of accreditation.

Group Management 
This two-day course is designed to complement the training provided in the Apprentice Interpreter course and prepare Interpretive Guides to safely lead interpretive day hikes on established park trails.  The Apprentice or Professional Interpreter accreditation is a pre-requisite for this course.  Apprentice Interpreters who complete this course earn the  “Apprentice Hiking Guide” certification.  Professional Interpreters who complete this course earn the “Professional Interpretive Hiking Guide” certification.


Full Cancellation & Refund Policy available on the course content page of each course. Please make sure to read through those thoroughly before registering for a course.