Professional Interpreter

The Professional Interpreter accreditation formally recognizes the knowledge, experience and interpretive skill of guides who have been in the professional for at least 3 years. Professional Interpretive guides have demonstrated the ability to transform an average walk in the mountain parks to a memorable and meaningful experience for park visitors.

This course is taught in French, English, and Japanese. If you don’t see the course dates advertised in your language of preference, please contact us.

All individuals wishing to become accredited at the professional level must complete the 5-day Professional Interpreter course and then complete and pass both the written and oral exams with 70% or higher (Written test requires 70% overall and 70% per section of the test).

The Professional Interpreter course is offered in both English and French in the spring and fall.

About the Professional Interpreter’s Course

The Professional Interpreter’s course is an advanced level 45-hour course. It is open to anyone who is interested in gaining an in-depth understanding of interpretive guiding, park management, local natural history and cultural history but is specifically designed for individuals with previous guiding experience who are interested in pursuing their Professional Interpreter career. If you are newer to guiding and interpretation the Apprentice Interpreter’s course may be a better fit.

The Professional Interpreter course is scheduled in May and November each year and is held in Canmore.

Course Costs: $499 plus gst

Manual Cost: $45 plus gst

Membership Cost: $69.95 plus gst

Oral Exam: $65 plus gst

Written Exam: $65 plus gst

Course Schedule: This course runs in May and November each year. Keep watch on the website for upcoming dates.