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Effectively communicating the unique heritage of a region requires knowledge and fact. It also requires an in-depth understanding of effective interpretation techniques. And even the best guides need a reference – a handbook.


Originally published in 2006, over 1000 copies of The Handbook for Interpretive Guides have been sold to interpreters and park services throughout Canada. It has also been shipped to Africa, Australia, and the United Kingdom. The Handbook for Interpretive Guides has been praised as an example of how local information can be transformed into usable interpretive stories.


The IGA is expanding and we are offering our interpretive and group management training courses in more and more places.

To get the best information to our guides, we’ve made a significant change to how the Handbook for Interpretive Guides will be offered – we have split the original handbook into 3 separate publications:

  1. How to Interpret: $25.00 This publication is designed to help you learn and hone your interpretive communication skills. It contains strategies, examples and scripts to help you transform facts, figures and information into usable interpretive narratives.
  2. Group Management: $25.00 The Group Management Handbook outlines your responsibilities as a hiking guide. It contains detailed information regarding trip planning, risk assessment, clothing and gear, emergency preparedness and much more. This handbook is relevant for both 3-Season (Spring, Summer and Fall) and 4-Season Interpretive Hiking Guides.
  3. Regional Natural and Cultural History: $30.00 You can’t be a good Interpretive Guide without facts and knowledge. As the Interpretive Guides Association expands, we will develop handbooks on regional natural and cultural history.


In order to facilitate updates, keep costs as low as possible and do our part to keep our footprint as small as possible, these publications will only be offered in a digital (PDF) version.

Taking an Apprentice Interpreter Course?

Anyone taking the Apprentice Interpreter course through the Interpretive Guides Association will be emailed a copy of How to Interpret as part of the registration fee.

Taking a Group Management Course?

Anyone taking the Group Management course through the Interpretive Guides Association will be emailed a copy of The Group Management Handbook as part of the registration fee.

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Upon successful payment, the publication will be emailed to you. You will be able to access updates in your member profile under My Documents and Manuals.