Certificate Process

This course, in combination with either the Professional Interpreter or Apprentice Interpreter accreditation, will prepare you to lead enjoyable and safe interpretive day hikes on recognized trails in the Rocky Mountain national parks.

This two-day course includes both training and evaluation components. We will spend 1/2 day indoors learning some of the basics about group management and  1.5 days outdoors on established trails in the park. The course includes instruction and formal in-field evaluation of group management skills appropriate for leading interpretive hikes on established trails.

View the Group Management Pre-Course Information Package

Course homework will be sent to you soon as you register. If you do not receive the homework please contact courses@interpretiveguides.org.

Prior to taking this course, it is important you:

a. Have all the pre-requisites.

b. Arrive in good physical health and be ready to hike outside for a full day.

c. Arrive correctly dressed for the outdoors and prepared for the changeable weather conditions that are encountered in the Canadian Rockies.

d. Bring your pack with the correct equipment. For more details, see the Interpretive Guides Equipment List on page 234 in the Handbook for Interpretive Guides. If you do not have a copy of our Handbook for Interpretive Guides contact the office.

e. Read the Group Management chapter in the Handbook for Interpretive Guides.

f. Have a topographical map of Banff, Yoho, Kootenay and/or Jasper National Park. (note: the map should be of the area that you will be taking guests in the mountain national park)

g. Participate in an Interpretive hike with and experienced guide (optional, but it will certainly help).

h. Feel comfortable using a map and compass. ***If you are not comfortable with a compass please refer to the links in the pre-course package and prepare yourself before the course, or, take our map and compass course. Map and compass skills are not taught during this course but will be assessed!

Our public GM courses are scheduled in May, June, November and February each year. If you have a group of 10 or more we may be able to schedule a private course to fit your schedule.

Note: This course is not a stand-alone course – it is designed to coincide with the Apprentice of Professional Level accreditation. No certificate is issued for just taking this course. Professional Interpreters and Apprentice Interpreters who complete this course will receive the Professional Interpreter Hiking Guide certification or the Apprentice Hiking Guide certification.

***Please be aware that all individuals who take this course must have a membership with the IGA or need to pay their yearly member dues in order to be in good standing with this accreditation. If you are taking this back to back with the apprentice interpreter course your member fees are included with that courses fees.

Course Cost: $250.00