Basic Knowledge Online Course – Jasper National Park

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Course Cost: $99 plus GST

Course Details: This course covers the geology, ecology, parks management and history of Jasper National Park. It will help to give you a basic understanding of this Canadian Rockies region and is a great place to start building your knowledge of this area.

Course Requirements: This is an online course so you will need a computer or device with internet access. The course contains videos, images, content and test questions that must be viewed and answered as you proceed through the sections. You do not have to finish the course in one sitting. You can stop at any point and join back in at your convenience.   You have to complete all test questions and receive 90% or higher to pass the course and become certified at this basic knowledge level. You can take the course as many times as you need, to achieve the 90% requirement. 

Course CPD Hours: 4