Course Options

In-person Course At the present time, there are no exams or quizzes included in the in-person Basic course. Upon completion of the full course, participants will obtain a BASIC certificate, valid for as long as the guide remains active within the mountain national parks.

On-line Course The on-line course includes a short multiple choice quiz. A minimum score of 90% is required to pass the on-line quiz. Those who take the course will be notified by email of their results.

Administration Fee and Membership

In order to keep your Basic Knowledge Accreditation listed on our website for guide license purposes, a yearly administration fee of $22.95 plus gst is required by March 31 each year. This is not a membership fee, but does keep your accreditation current and in good standing with the association. If this fee is not paid, your name will be pulled off our hire a guide list and a guide card may not be issued to you.

The administration fee is included in your course fee so you do not need to pay this the first year that you are accredited. If the basic administration fee is not paid for 5 full years you will need to redo the course.

To pay your administration fee please click on the Basic Knowledge Course tab under Courses.

Membership with the Interpretive Guides association is not required if you hold a Basic Knowledge Accreditation but it is encouraged if you want to be more connected to the guiding community. There are many benefits of membership that might be of interest to you. Please see the Join IGA section of the website to learn about these benefits.

To pay for a full year membership please click on the Join the IGA tab.