Basic Knowledge Course

The Basic Knowledge course is a 4-hour overview of the heritage of the mountain national parks and the guide’s role in protecting and presenting that heritage. It is designed to introduce course participants to what makes the mountain parks unique and to inspire them to learn more about the area and how they can inspire visitors and guests through the stories they tell about mountain parks. Those guides with more experience and knowledge of the landscape are strongly encouraged to take the Apprentice or Professional level course.

Groups with 10 or more participants are encouraged to book a private in-person course and bookings can be made for English and French. Whenever possible, our instructor will modify the course to meet the needs of your particular group.

There are 4 versions of this course that focus on different geographic regions and parks:

  1. Waterton Lakes National Park
  2. Banff, Yoho, and Kootenay National Parks
  3. Jasper National Park
  4. Glacier and Revelstoke National Parks

Distance learning Options On-line versions of the Basic course are available for:

  1. Banff, Yoho and Kootenay
  2. Jasper

Click here for more information on the on-line course.


All Basic Knowledge accredited guides must pay a yearly administration fee in order to keep themselves listed on our hire a guide page.

This listing is what determines your standing with the association, which Parks uses when issuing guide cards. In order to remain in good standing with this accreditation, it is important to pay these dues yearly. If dues have not been paid in the past 5 years you will need to redo the course.

The yearly administration fees are $22.95 plus gst. Please click below to pay now.

If you would prefer to be a full member of the association please visit the Join IGA page. Membership fees are $69.00 plus GST and come with great benefits.

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