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Professional Interpreter - In Japanese
Price: $499.00 + gst

Date: April 11 - 16, 2018 (one day break on April 14th)

Location: Banff (classroom sessions in Banff (room TBA), field trips components conducted in various areas throughout Banff National Park)

Cost: $499 plus GST

If you would like a copy of the IGA English manual you can purchase one for $45 plus gst. They are available digitally or as a paper copy. If you would like to pick one up from the IGA office please email us to arrange a time to come by.

This course is designed for those individuals who have experience working as guides in the Canadian Rockies. It goes much deeper into the material than the Apprentice Course. Please note: this is only a course; in order to become accredited as a professional interpreter you must apply to take the oral and written exams. Exams each cost an additional $65 plus GST and will be set up after the course based on the request. Please email if you are interested in taking these two exams. All individuals wishing to take these two tests and become accredited must fill in the PI application package and submit it to the email address above with all documentation showing you have the hours of work and/or education required to become accredited at this level. Please click on the application package link for more details.

Course agenda: Day1 8:00-17:00 Interpretation (classroom)

Day2 8:00-17:00 Geology / Ecology (classroom)

Day3 9:00-17:00 Geology / Ecology (field trip)

Day Off

Day4 8:00-17:00 History / Parks Management (classroom)

Day5 8:30-17:30 Parks Management (field trip) / Interpretation (classroom)

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