On-Line Course

The on-line Basic Knowledge Course covers the same content and is the same cost as the in-person course. The on-line version is best viewed with a high-speed internet connection, but it is possible to view with a dial-up connection. You may complete this course over a couple of days or sittings if you wish. You can also stop the course at any time to take a break, or get a snack!

To complete the on-line course, follow these steps:

  1. Click “Register Now” beside the appropriate course below to registration & pay for the course on-line.
  2. You will be asked to create a password as part of the registration process. Enter your email and personal password below to access the course.
  3. Turn your computer speakers on, sit back and enjoy the course
  4. Complete the quiz (top right corner of screen). Be sure to hit “submit” so your information is sent to us.
  5. Your quiz results are sent directly to the Interpretive Guides Association.Your results will be automatically tallied and emailed to your account shortly after you complete the quiz.   If you do not achieve 90% or more on the quiz, you will be asked to re-do the course.

Note: Your password will expire in 30 days.

Course Cost: $89.00 plus GST

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