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The Interpretive Guides Association is supported by over 2000 active members, a volunteer governing board of directors, and 5 part-time staff, an executive director, program coordinator, program manager, financial assistant and bookkeeper.

We welcome anyone who would like to share their ideas, passion and zest for interpretation to contact us or get involved in the association.

Morag Mottram President

Morag was born in Edinburgh, Scotland. She spent a large part of her life in Toronto and moved to the Bow Valley in 2004. While packing up her home in Toronto she discovered a long forgotten Grade 9 geography project that she completed on Banff and knew she was heading west for a reason. Banff National Park had always been in her thoughts and dreams and it was at this point that she realized she was meant to live in the Bow Valley. 

She has been involved in the fitness industry since 1992 managing fitness facilities and teaching classes throughout Banff and Canmore. While working for the Banff Springs Hotel fitness facility, Morag started leading hikes and ran nature-based programs for various visitors to the area. In 2009, Morag became a member of the IGA and took the PI courses in 2011.

Morag’s hobbies include hiking, kayaking, cycling, cross country skiing, reading, photography, and baking and is truly delighted to be able to share the joys of “living in a postcard” with visitors to this area.


Dave Holder, Past President

Dave began his mountain instruction career while serving with the Royal Engineers (British Army) where he was trained as a Mountain Expedition Leader, Biathlon coach, Orienteering coach, climbing supervisor and Rock leader. Leading groups around the world to Britain,Iceland, Norway, Africa, Belize and the USA his journeys led him to Canada where he met his wife Brenda.

Marraige, retirement from the military, and Immigraton quickly followed. He currently works with his wife’s company, Mahikan Trails. He is accredited by the ACMG as a Backpacking Guide and the Interpretive Guides Association as one of the organizations Master Interpreters. His other Canadian qualifications include: Nordic ski instructor with CANSI, Cave rescue training with BC cave rescue, survival Instructor with Mors Kochanski (author of Northern Bushcraft), Interpretation Canada Training Program, Canoe Instructor and First Aid Instructor.


Joe Urie, Vice President

Joe arrived in Jasper in 1988 and other than a stint in the Yukon has lived there with his wife and three children ever since. He is a member of the Metis Nation of Alberta and his family’s history can be traced along the length of the Athabasca River, from the birth of it near his home in Jasper to its end in Fort Chipewyan, for nearly 150 years. Joe has been an active guide in the Rockies since his return from the Klondike in 1999 working for a variety of companies until his wife decided that they should branch out on their own. In 2012, the Jasper Tour Company was born.

Although boasting a quarter-century in the mountains and accreditation as a Professional Guide, Joe feels that he is only now scratching the surface. He gives credit to the people that visit his beloved mountains as the inspiration to learn more about them and everything that lives in the shadow of their peaks.

“I see the look on their faces and recognize that look as the same one I had when I first arrived. When I see that look I think, oh yeah, they get it! Each day that I get to view my world through their eyes, my world is born anew. It’s just so pure and exciting!” And that is brilliant! When he is not guiding, Joe likes to trail run. He fancies himself a modern-day “Coureur des Bois”. What would you be if you didn’t dream?

Natalie Neufeld, Treasurer

Raised on a farm in Northern Saskatchewan, Natalie first arrived in the Bow Valley in 1996 to guide in the Banff backcountry on horseback. After eight years she returned to the prairies for a marketing career in agriculture.

After a decade of racing back and forth from the prairies to the mountains on every long weekend or holiday, she chose to leave the world of fluorescent lights and computer screens to guide again, this time on foot.

A Canmore resident, Natalie is an Apprentice Interpreter who spends as much time outdoors as possible, understanding that the indoors is just a place to store outdoor gear. She has a passion for the story, emotion, and personality of the Canadian Rockies and loves to share with anyone willing to make the trek. In her spare time you can find her hiking, trail running, cycling, horseback riding or cross country skiing.

Chad Widmer, Community Liaison

Chad was born and raised in Alberta. A notoriously restless gadabout, he settled down to become an Outdoor Educator in Calgary and has been doing so for the last 13 years with Foundations for the Future Charter Academy, a public school focusing on character and leadership.

He considers himself a husband who married up and a father of two high energy brats that keep him young. He loves his family and friends for giving him perspective, his work with students and the community for giving him purpose, and the great outdoors for giving him balance. 

Cindy Flegel, Director At Large

Cindy was born and raised in small-town Southwestern Ontario where she obtained an Honors Bachelor of Science in Ecology and Evolution. She worked in the environmental industry for several years, specifically in environmental education, restoration and regulations.

The Monday to Friday jobs and sitting at a desk started to take their toll and she made the move full-time to guiding and instructing after a trial stint as a sea kayak instructor on the Bruce Peninsula. She moved to the Canadian Rockies in 2006 and has guided in the Canadian Rockies plus New Zealand, China, and Nova Scotia. She is now based full-time in the Rockies and lives in Lake Louise. She spends her summers working as a Burgess Shale Hiking Guide for Parks Canada. In the winter, she can be found at the Lake Louise Ski Area chasing small ski racers around, as she is the Head Coach of the Nancy Greene Program for the Lake Louise Grizzlies Ski Club.

She obtained IGA Professional Interpreter certification in 2007. She is an ACMG (Association of Canadian Mountain Guides) full Hiking Guide, Canadian Ski Instructor Alliance (CSIA) Level 2 Alpine Ski Instructor, and Alpine Canada (ACA) Entry-Level Certified Alpine Ski Coach, as well as a hatha yoga instructor, certified holistic nutritional consultant and fertility awareness educator. She certainly leads by example that life is a continual learning opportunity. With such a diverse resume we are excited to have Cindy as a part of our team.

Anna Powell, Director of Communications

It’s a familiar story: Anna moved to Canmore in 2009 to do “one ski season after finishing university”.  One season turned to two, then permanent residency and Canadian citizenship. One of her first jobs in the valley was working at the Lake Minnewanka boat cruise as a dock supervisor, where she was introduced to the Interpretive Guides Association, taking a condensed interpretation course targeted at Lake Minnewanka staff. 

She stayed with Brewster, now Pursuit, in various roles, most recently working in the Groups and Event management team.  In 2016, after Brewster closed their vacation planning department, she set up her own company called GuideMe Banff.  GuideMe is designed to support independent guides by providing business administration and marketing support, drawing on her experience in vacation planning and event management, and her passion for getting guests off the pavement and into the mountains. She has completed her apprentice interpreter, group management and wilderness first aid courses with the IGA and hopes to complete her professional interpreter qualification soon. 

Anna loves getting out into the backcountry; her favourite hike to date is probably the Mount Jimmy jr scramble, or 3 summits of Mount Edith.  In the winter she’s happiest on two planks, walking up and skiing down mountains.

Michaela Paule, Tourism Liaison 

Misha is a certified Hiking and Snowshoeing Guide with the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides and a Professional Interpreter with the Interpretive Guides Association. Misha started her guiding path over 21 years ago, leading tours in Austria, Croatia, England and the Czech Republic. Here in Canada, her experience includes guiding for Parks Canada, Discover Banff Tours. 

Besides private guiding, she is currently Lead Guide and Manager of Educational Services for The Lake Louise Ski Resort. To stay on top of first aid skills she is also part-time member of Lake Louise Ski Patrol team during the winter.

Raoul Kluivers, International Director At Large

Raoul grew up in the east of the Netherlands and his first love was Nature. He completed his Sport Studies in the early nineties with a focus on Athletics and Outdoor sports, like white water kayaking and rockclimbing, and became a full-time sports instructor in his own business ‘Voshaar Outdoor & Education’.

In 2000, he visited the Canadian Rockies for the first time and took several courses in Canada to become a Wilderness Guide after that first visit. Since 2006 he gets back to the Rockies at least once a year.

In 2010, he earned the IGA professional Interpretive Guide certification.  He loves the IGA concept so since 2012 his wilderness guide students take the IGA Apprentice course as part of the program and for their Outdoor University students it’s part of their study as well.

Guiding all over Europe he started to think about making the IGA more international, cooperate with European (protected) areas. The first step was teaching the IGA AI course in the Netherlands in 2018 and has now taught the AI and GM courses there a few times.

For Raoul it is a great honor to be part of the IGA board and he will try as hard as possible to accomplish International cooperation concerning IGA courses outside of Canada. 

Brenda Holder, Indigenous Liaison Director

Brenda was born and raised in the Rockies in Jasper National Park and has spent a vast amount of time trekking from valley to valley. She is pleased to follow her lineage as a traditional Métis guide from the Kwarakwante of Jasper. 
Brenda is a Master Interpretive guide and is an active advocate of Indigenous Tourism.

She is a past member of the Métis Women’s Economic Security Council for the Ministry of Indigenous Affairs. In addition, she is a board member for the Interpretive Guides Association as the Indigenous Liaison. She is the Chair for the Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada representing Alberta and she is also the Chair for the newly formed Indigenous Tourism Alberta.

Brenda has been the recipient of several prestigious awards for her work in using her company both in the entrepreneurial spirit and in educating the public about Indigenous culture.

Brenda is most often found guiding clients into the beautiful forests of the Rockies, sharing the teachings passed down from her parents and grandparents. She has a passion for the plant medicines found in abundance in our local forests and has a love for sharing the wonders of the plants!

ᒪᓈᐟᒋᐦᐃᐁᐧᐃᐧᐣ Manâtcihiwewin With Respect
Chair ITAC & ITA